Starting with a shell and a pre-existing space, the project aims to give a complete solution and a new corporate image to an important company in the Italian electricity sector.
The project unites individual functional elements into a single work space module that is repeated in various configurations for a unified, streamlined design.

Tipo: Edifici direzionali
M²: 1.870
Descrizione: Interior design
Progettista: Arch. Lorenzo Capucci, Arch.Jorge Girod
Collaboratori: Jorge Girod (Girod+Anton Arquitectos), Giulia Malara (Dea Engineering), Laura Capucci (Studio Capucci), Matteo Monti (Studio Capucci), Michela Guerra (Studio Capucci), Cristina Tignino (Studio Capucci)
Anno: 2011-2012
Ubicazione: Ravenna
Fotografo: Mariela Apollonio

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